June 18 - July 4, 2020
Cedar Rapids

Affiliated Event Registration Form

Freedom Festival Produced Calendar - Here are the events that Freedom Festival will produce in 2020 so you can plan your event accordingly.

For three decades, many Eastern Iowa residents and visitors assemble to celebrate our nation's birthday at the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival. This two-week festival is attended by more than 400,000 each year, which begins in June and culminates with the largest fireworks display in Iowa on the 4th of July, downtown Cedar Rapids.

The Freedom Festival is home to nearly 75 events, 50 venues, and was named Best Corridor Festival Attraction for seven years by the Corridor Business Journal. We strive to showcase businesses, organizations, and facilities in the metro area by our Affiliated Events. It is our privilege to connect our organization with local businesses and associations. We encourage organizations to enter new and improved events each year.

Please carefully review the Affiliated Event Policies and Terms of Participation prior to completing your application. Although Festival dates are June 18th - July 4th, 2020, events occurring in the weeks prior and following will also be considered. Upon completing your application, please keep in mind the following deadlines:

April 24:

Completed Affiliated Event Applications

Affiliated Event Application, fee and supporting documentation must be received at the Festival office. Applicants will be notified regarding the Festival's decision by April 27, 2020. This application does not guarantee acceptance of your event.

The event is evaluated based on our Mission Statement. Therefore, the event must be family-friendly, affordable, provide a sense of community, and embody the spirit of patriotism. Thank you very much for your interest in partnering with the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival. We hope you'll consider the Freedom Festival as a great opportunity for your organization!


Freedom Festival appreciates your adherence to these affiliated event policies and will work to ensure they are uniformly enforced. Failure to comply with Festival policies will jeopardize acceptance into the Festival for the following year.




  • All Freedom Festival events shall be open to the public.
  • All Festival events shall comply with the applicable law regarding handicap accessibility.


Due 04/27/2020

  • Upon application, all non-profit Affiliated Event organizers must show proof of its 501(c)3 status.
  • Freedom Festival reserves the right to disqualify an affiliated event from participation in the festival if it does not pay the Affiliated Event fee by the deadline set forth.


  • The Festival office must have a contact person's name and phone number where he/she is accessible 24 hours prior to the start of the Affiliated Event.
  • It is the Affiliated Event's responsibility to contact Freedom Festival staff to notify of the cancellation or postponement.


A copy of the COI must be delivered by May 1st.

  • The Festival requires that all event organizers show proof of appropriate and adequate insurance coverage that meets the following specifications:
    • The Festival requires a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with a minimum liability of $1 Million.
    • The Festival requires all event organizers name "Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival and Its Sponsors" as "additional insured.The name and date of the event being covered must appear on the face of the certificate.
  • NOTE: If your event will be held on City Property, the City of Cedar Rapids requires all event organizers file, with the City Clerk, a Special Events Application and a Certificate of Insurance.
  • You are responsible for contacting the City of Cedar Rapids to determine what additional applications and insurance requirements that may apply when producing your event.


  • All Affiliated Events shall offer a benefit to those patrons wearing the official Freedom Festival button (i.e. free or reduced admission; free trinket; discounted merchandise, etc. if wearing a button).
  • Freedom Festival reserves the right to exclusive production, promotion and sale of any type of button or button-like product.
  • Freedom Festival buttons may be sold at the producing organization's Affiliated Event. All buttons must be purchased through the Freedom Festival office by the Affiliated Event organizers; unsold buttons cannot be redeemed at the Festival office.


  • Freedom Festival does not allow affiliated events to solicit funding or collect gifts. Revenue may be raised only to cover costs.
  • Due to IRS rules, Any organizations that wish to raise funds or take gifts in kind for the Affiliated event for use with or during their produced Affiliated Event will have to receive written approval from the Freedom Festival Board. Failure to follow these rules will result in termination as an "Affiliated Freedom Festival Event " and will not be able to participate in future Festivals as an Affiliated Event.
  • Non-profits are encouraged to organize a group of volunteers to submit their names for the Festival's Win-Win-Win Paid Volunteer Program. If accepted, the group can earn money toward its charity-of-choice.



  • All Affiliated Events are required to include "an Official Freedom Festival Event " in their collaborative event literature or printed event promotion (including, but not limited to: websites, banners, signage, print/radio ads) using the corporate Freedom Festival logo or the Freedom Festival 2020 artwork logo-supplied by the Freedom Festival.
  • All promotional material that is used for the Affiliated Event shall be approved by the Freedom Festival Marketing Director and mention of the Affiliated Event as an Official Freedom Festival Event is required. A Freedom Festival media kit will be emailed out to all Affiliated Events once your event is confirmed.
  • The Freedom Festival will provide each event with signage to show that your event is an "Official Freedom Festival Event ".


  • Proceeds from merchandise sales shall be applied to the perpetuation of the event or to cover costs, not to individuals or organizations seeking commercial profits, personal gain from such sales, or to raise capitol funds.


  • Affiliated Events are required to cooperate with and participate in all economic impact studies, public surveys or similar research as may be conducted by or for the Festival.
  • Attendance numbers, admission, food/beverage/merchandise sales for your Affiliated Event should be collected and transmitted to the Freedom Festival. The Freedom Festival will email you the Affiliated Event Evaluation prior to your event that will need to be filled out and returned to the Festival after.
  • Affiliated Event organizers shall return the Affiliated Event Evaluation to the Freedom Festival office within one month of the event.


Affiliated Event fees are charged in order to cover administrative and promotional expenses incurred by Freedom Festival. In exchange, your event will be included in:

  • The 2020 Freedom Festival Event Guide (100,000 printed) including: event title, date and time, date and time, location, producing organization, website and button benefit.
  • The CRFF website (receiving +350,000 of hits prior to the festival) Affiliated Event description and list of all sponsors for each event.

The producing organization is responsible for creating signage to show the button benefit at entrance of event.

To be included in the Festival Schedule as an Official Affiliated Event, the producing organization is charged a fee of $200/non-profit and $350/for-profit.







Payment deadline must be met in order to be listed in the Freedom Festival 2020 Official Schedule of Events Guide and on-line at www.freedomfestival.com.

Any event that cancels after April 27, 2020 will not receive a refund. Absolutely no changes may be made to this application once the Freedom Festival brochures have gone to print in April.

Organization Fees:

Non-Profit - $200.00

For-Profit - $350.00

This form will allow registration for one single event and will require a credit card payment. If you have more than one event or are not able to submit your payment this way, please contact Karol Shepherd karol@freedomfestival.com or 319-365-8313.