Spakespeare in the Park! 

 There will be six dancers led by Carol Rezabek and Jane Nesmith.

The will perform a lively, country dance from Shakespeare’s time called “The Galloping Nag”.  This dance was chosen for its suitability for outdoor performance.  They dance will also be taught to interested attendees.


Pat Martin will read three pieces from Shakespeare’s writings:

Sonnet 18, a piece from Othello and a piece from Hamlet that are familiar to the public in general along with some commentary and information.  These readings will be interspersed between musical performances.



Refreshments:  Barb Rhame will provide a variety of bars, bags of kettle corn, lemonade and water.  Nancy Mortimore has offered to make cookies (scads) and Sylvia Popelka will provide rhubarb bars.  Anyone else wishing to contribute should connect with Barb Rhame.  We will also need club members to help load, transport, and serve refreshments since Barb’s wrist will still be healing.  Tables will be provided by NWNNA, If we feel a tent topper is necessary, we will ask NWNNA to provide this, also.


Harp, Gretchen Brumwell

Flute, Tamara Maddaford

Guitar/Arranger, Phil Faconti

Violins, Carmen Kassinger and Lisa Fako

Cello, Dave Eggar

Bass, Richard Wagor



Date: 07/02/2022

Time: 7:00 PM- 8:00 PM

Shakespeare Garden

Shakespeare Garden is located in Ellis Park at the intersection of Ellis Blvd NW and Ellis Park Rd NW.

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