Are pets allowed on Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival venues?

ONLY at the Jump for Freedom DockDogs event and the Freedom Festival Parade / Imagination Square / VOLTA. Otherwise pets are NOT permitted on any Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival venue. Events are often crowded and some pets do not respond well to the added stress of crowded venues and what is typically a very hot time of year. Clearly labeled service dogs are excluded from this rule.

Are there regulations pertaining to pets in Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival parades and shows?

Yes. At a very minimum all pets must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations, and must wear a collar with the appropriate tag. In addition, the City of Cedar Rapids Code pertaining to animal treatment will apply in all cases. City of Cedar Rapids policies and procedures pertaining to this city code are posted on this website when they are available. 

Can “personal fireworks” be brought onto Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival venues?

Personal fireworks – including sparklers and snakes – are NOT permitted inside ANY venue or produced Freedom Festival event. Festival patrons are strongly encouraged not to bring personal fireworks of any form to help ensure the safety of everyone attending the Festival.

Patron safety is a primary concern for the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival. Patrons violating this policy will be asked to cease using the fireworks, or if necessary, will be asked to leave or be escorted from the venue by law enforcement or Cedar Rapids Fire Department personnel.

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