June 18 - July 4, 2020
Cedar Rapids

IMAGINATION! Square Registration

Saturday June 27th, 2020

9:00AM – 1:00PM

NewBo Lawn, 1100 3rd Street SE

Policies For Stations

The Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival presents Imagination Square, a celebrated event for children of all ages. The purpose is to provide safe, free, quality, experiential activities for children and families to enjoy together.

The following policies will govern activities at the event:

  1. Activities should provide a ‘hands on’ experience:
    1. Each activity should be implemented as planned and approved by the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival staff. Activity should be educational and interactive for kids.
    2. Each organization providing an activity must be able to accommodate the estimated crowd of 2,500.
    3. Two adults from the organization must be present at all times.
    5. Each activity should be contained within the assigned 15’x15’ space provided.
    6. Animals are allowed only with prior approval.
    7. Organizations are expected to dispose of remaining materials and clean their designated area by 4:00PM
    8. NO latex balloons may be used to decorate or be used as part of an activity due to the potential dangers associated with latex sensitivity and exposure.
  2. On-site signage for activity should be supplied by the participating organization. Please be sure to take signage with you after the event or dispose of it in the dumpsters on-site.
  3. Imagination Square participants must be registered
  4. Participating organizations may use Imagination Square to promote their business or service in the following capacity.
    1. Informational or educational displays and/or brochures about the organization are permitted.
    2. An organization may place identifying information about their services at Imagination Square.
    3. Coupons/Advertising Flyers may be distributed by organizations participating at Imagination Square.
    4. Non-profit organizations may have information about their services available for participants, if they choose.
    5. No items may be sold for fundraising purposes. The activity may not be used for fundraising.
    6. Businesses may not sell their products or services at Imagination Square.
  5. Freedom Festival will provide umbrella insurance coverage for the event.

* A business is a commercial enterprise licensed / governed by state and federal guidelines.

**A non-profit organization is not intended to yield a profit and is licensed / governed by state and federal guidelines.

Imagination Square participation is free and applications are welcomed from all interested parties. The Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival staff and board of directors reserve the right to examine each applicant/activity individually to ascertain whether it fits the criteria set forth and whether it enhances the event as a whole. The Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival will review applications and will contact organizers by Monday June 8th, 2020 to confirm participation.

Submit the form below before Friday June 5th, 2020

Contact Information

Activity Description

The Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival will provide your group a 15'x15' area. You are responsible for providing chairs, tents, tables, signage etc.

I have read the Imagination Square Policies and agree to abide by them. I am fully aware that Freedom Festival will not be held financially responsible for any expenses incurred to produce my activity.