The Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival salutes our men and women who provide military service to our country. This page is dedicated to those currently serving on Active, Reserve, or National Guard duty at home or abroad; our Veterans; and those who have answered the Final Roll Call.

To submit a name for inclusion on this page, please contact the Freedom Festival office at 319.365.8313 or email In the interests of the safety of active duty personnel regardless of where they are in the world, we will not publish duty stations or country.


Name Branch Status
Jonathon Albert U.S. Army Wounded in Action
Marc Ayala U.S. Air Force ANG
Curtis R. Bartz U.S. Marine Corps
Kyle T. Bergen U.S. Marine Corps
Quinton Bitner U.S. Marine Corps
Derek M. Boots U.S. Marine Corps
Andrea Brandon U.S. Army
Christopher D. Brinkmann U.S. Navy Reserves
David K Carmody U.S. Army Reserves
Brandon Cassidy U.S. Army
Benjamin C. Chambers U.S. Army
Vincent Costante U.S. Air Force
Lucas Darling National Guard
Sean M. DeLany U.S. Army
Josh Denniston U.S. Air Force
Jeremy Drane U.S. Navy
Gerry Gibson U.S. Air Force
David Goater U.S. Air Force
Scott Gray U.S. Army
Kirk Gray U.S. Air Force
Kallie M. Griffin U.S. Army Reserve
Ronald Hartwig U.S. Air Force ANG
Josef N. Hejda U.S. Army
Trent Hekel U.S. Marine Corps
Ryan Hemphill U.S. Air Force
Joshua Henderson U.S. Marine Corps
Chase Hepker U.S. Army
Mitchell L. Hobson U.S. Air Force
Kaleb Hogan U.S. Army
Brian Hoffnagle U.S. Marine Corps
Kenneth V. Holvenstot U.S. Marine Corps
Adam Hopp National Guard
Samuel John Hunter U.S. Army
Bryan D. Kearney U.S. Marine Corps
Daniel J. Kinion U.S. Navy
Christopher Koenig U.S. Army National Guard
Nicholas Kovatch U.S. Air Force
Cari Jo Laue U.S. Marine Corps
Shane Lewis U.S. Air Force
Jacob D. Long U.S. Navy
Louie Martinez U.S. Army
Rob Mathis U.S. Air Force
Justin Molumby U.S. Army Reserves
Ryan Moran U.S. Air Force
Matthew E. Mullesch U.S. Air Force
Scott E. Nieman U.S. Army
Gavin F. Palma U.S. Army National Guard
Courtney Peterson National Guard
Lt. Danielle Peterson U.S. Army
Damien F. Pickart U.S. Air Force
Jesse Pink U.S. Air Force
Adam Piper U.S. Army
Kevin Rammelsberg U.S. Army Reserve
Trever Rhines U.S. Army
John Roloson U.S. Army Reserve
Mathew Rowell U.S. Army Wounded in Action
Kyle Rusk U.S. Army National Guard
Kain Schilling U.S. Army Wounded in Action
Adam Schweitzer U.S. Army Reserves
Samuel Shull U.S. Marine Corps
Kathryn Shull U.S. Marine Corps Afghanistan
Jonathan G. Sieck U.S. Army
Kyle Stade U.S. Army National Guard
Chris Stephens U.S. Air Force
Robert W. Strasburger U.S. Navy
Anthony J. Vandersee U.S. Air Force
Alan Vaughn U.S. Army
Bret M. Vollbracht U.S. Army
Harmand R. Weeks U.S. Army
David Weir U.S. Army Reserve
Kristin N. Wilhelm U.S. Army Reserve
Justin D. Williams U.S. Navy
Anthony M. Worrell U.S. Air Force
Nicholas A. Worrell U.S. Air Force
Riley Wunder U.S. Army National Guard
Kevin Kurovski U.S. Army Iraq, Afghanistan
Martin Mulnix U.S. Army National Guard Iraq
Kaitlyn Murphy U.S. Air Force


Name Branch War
William J. Akers U.S. Army WWI
Jerry D. Bascom, Sr. U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam
Bud Broxey U.S. Army
Clifford Broxey U.S. Army
Dean Broxey U.S. Army
Jack Broxey U.S. Army WWII, POW
Orval Broxey U.S. Army
Raymond E. Davis USN Aviation WWII, MIA
Kenneth E. Dieters, Sr. U.S. Army WWII
Robert ‘Top’ Dvorak U.S. Marine Corps
Floyd England, U.S. Navy WWII
Laurence Francis (Larry) Erlacher U.S. Army WWII
Kyle Germaine, U.S. Navy WWII
John Hansen WWII
Robert ‘Bob’ Harris U.S. Army Korean
Charles E. Hartgrave U.S. Army WWII
Thomas W. Hays U.S. Navy WWII
Newton Hollingsworth, Jr. U.S. Army
Robert E. Hollingsworth U.S. Coast Guard WWII
William Hollingsworth U.S. Army WWII
Charles Humphreys U.S. Army
Al Joyner U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam
John Joyner U.S. Marine Corps
Don G. Kensinger, Sr. WWII
Raymond S. McFate U.S. Army WWII
Alley Miller U.S. Army
Clinton J. Miller U.S. Marine Corps
Jack Miller U.S. Navy WWII
Clair M. Nicholson U.S. Navy WWII
Richard Ockenfels U.S. Air Force Korea
Russell H. Oviatt U.S. Army WWII
Ken Ozburn U.S. Navy Korea
Donald E. Rhines U.S. Army WWI
Hayder A Salehoglu U.S. Navy
Larry Schmidt U.S. Army Vietnam
Joseph Shull U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Michael Shull U.S. Marine Corps
Dwayne M. Sill U.S. Army
Kampha Sourivong U.S. Army Iraq, KIA
Thomas Yanecek U.S. Air Force Vietnam
Bill L. Youker U.S. Navy Korea
Dale Vogt U.S. Army WWII


Brad AkersU.S. Navy 
Charles W. AkersU.S. ArmyWWII
Don ArnoldU.S. Marine Corps & U.S. Army 
Jerry D. Bascom, Jr.U.S. Air Force 
Greg BeebeeU.S. Navy 
Timothy A. BergenU.S. Marine Corps 
Don “Whitey” BixlerU.S. ArmyWWII, POW
Al BoydenU.S. Army 
Rodney BrekkeU.S. Air Force 
Fuzz BrownU.S. Army SP-5Vietnam
James BrownU.S. ArmyWWII
Jim BrunerU.S. ArmyVietnam
John BunkerU.S. Marine CorpsDesert Storm
Johnathan CamienU.S. Marine CorpsIraq
Don Carr, Jr.U.S. NavyVietnam
Dan ChadwickU.S. Army 
Elain (Laue) VaughnU.S. Army 
Phil ChristianU.S. NavyVietnam
Matt CookU.S. Marine CorpsDesert Storm
Ryan CullenU.S. Marine Corps 
Dennis W. DavisU.S. ArmyVietnam
Dewain R. DavisU.S. Air Force 
Kathy DavisU.S. Army 
Kenneth A. DavisU.S. Navy 
Kenneth H. DavisU.S. ArmyWWII
Robert O. DavisU.S. Air Force 
Scott W Wallingford OEF/OIF
Steve DavisU.S. Army 
Troy A. DavisU.S. ArmyDesert Storm
Kristin DelfsU.S. Navy 
Jack P. DixonU.S. NavyVietnam
Lyle DeanU.S. Army 
Dennis DyrlandU.S. ArmyVietnam
Toni ElliottU.S. Navy 
Michael FisherU.S. NavyVietnam
Greg ForestU.S. Army 
M. Leann FremontU.S. Army 
Curt GoodrowU.S. ArmyVietnam
Robert C. GrayU.S. ArmyWWII
Vern F HamlinU.S. ArmyWWII
George HammanU.S. NavyWWII, Korean, and Vietnam
Christe HarwoodU.S. Air Force 
Duane HarmsU.S. Army 
Richard C. HartgraveU.S. NavyKorea & Vietnam
Jamie HillU.S. Marine CorpsDesert Storm
Brad A. HowardU.S. Marine CorpsDesert Storm
David H HuntU.S. Navy
Iraq, IANG
Russell A. JamiesonU.S. ArmyWWII
Robert G. JanneyU.S. Navy 
Ed JoynerU.S. ArmyWWII
Tom KaldenbergU.S. Air Force 
Doug KeenanU.S. Navy 
Kurtis C. KinionU.S. Marine Corps 
Thomas W. KlugU.S. ArmyVietnam
James T. KnudsenU.S. ArmyVietnam
James KoenighainU.S. ArmyKorean Defense
Larry Van LankerU.S. ArmyVietnam
Ryan D. LongU.S. Army National GuardIraq
Robert MageeU.S. Air ForceWWII
Gary MasbruchU.S. Air ForceVietnam
David MartinU.S. Marine Corps 
Rick MartinU.S. NavyVietnam
Laura MattisonU.S. Army National Guard 
Patrick H McCormickU.S. NavyVietnam
Bobbie McFall IIU.S. ArmyVietnam
William G. MerrittU.S. ArmyVietnam
Dell A. MorseU.S. Navy 
Wilbert MuhsU.S. ArmyVietnam
Kenneth B. NicholsonU.S. ArmyWWII
Darwin NielsenU.S. Marine CorpsWWII
Roger W. NorfolkU.S. Army 
Lawrence E. OckenfelsU.S. Air ForceKorea
Maurice J. OckenfelsU.S. Air ForceKorea
Russell D. OviattU.S. ArmyVietnam
Dick ParsonsU.S. Marine Corps 
Derrick PetersenU.S. Marine Corps 
Donald W. PetersonU.S. NavyWWII
Gene PetersonU.S. Marine CorpsVietnam
Ruthie PetersonU.S. Navy 
Neil PolkingU.S. ArmyKorea
Elaine ReinholzU.S. Army ReservesDesert Storm
Joseph ReinholzU.S. ArmyIraq
Dean RichmondU.S. Navy 
Jackson RichterU.S. ArmyVietnam
Ken RihaU.S. Air Force 
Dot SheldonU.S. Air Force 
Earl SchwartU.S. Navy 
Verna SchweitzerU.S. Marine Corps 
Sam SchweitzerU.S. Marine Corps 
Emily ShullU.S. Marine CorpsAfghanistan
Lucas ShullU.S. Marine CorpsAfghanistan
Donald D. SillU.S. Army 
Gerald V. SillU.S. Army 
Joe SkinnerU.S. ArmyKorea
Steve SloanU.S. NavyVietnam
Daniel SpahnU.S. NavyVietnam
Nancy StaceyU.S. Navy 
Ted StaceyU.S. Air Force 
Steven W. StarkUS NavyDesert Storm
Erin Steeman StrasburgerU.S. Navy 
William C. StrasburgerU.S. Army 
Toni (Woodyard) ThomasU.S. Army 
Joshua ThurstonU.S. ArmyIraq
Jerry VandersandenU.S. Army 
Harmand W. WeeksU.S. Navy 
William West SrU.S. Army 
Dan WigginsU.S. Marine Corps 
Daniel B. WilhelmU.S. NavyKorean
Bryan WunderU.S. Navy & U.S. Navy ReservesDesert Storm
Brian W. YoukerU.S. Army 
Ron VogtU.S. NavyVietnam
Jim BeedeU.S. Air ForceVietnam
Tony FrenchU.S. Marine CorpsDesert Storm
Jerry GreenU.S. Army 
Ralph OsenbaughU.S. ArmyVietnam
Robert W BensonU.S. ArmyWWII
Will J. HayekU.S. ArmyWWI and WWII
C. Peter HayekU.S. NavyVietnam
David J. HayekU.S. NavyOEF
Kerry ReggelsenU.S. NavyDesert Storm
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