June 14 - July 4, 2022
Cedar Rapids


2021 Medallion Hunt_Behind the Clues



Medallion was found at Merrill Gardens in Marion!

The first two clues set up the hunt. County-wide, wrapped up; #10 as always tells the spot.




Here we go in 2021


It’s about time we had some fun


A pandemic lingers, a derecho hit


Just a lot of awful…stuff.


 A prize lies prone in a metro place


Barely fitting in a tiny space


The finder gets something really grand


Be ready to cover some prime county land.






The medallion is wrapped up tight


You won't even see it at night


Resting in a public place


A park or trail or open space.


Follow the clues to get it just right.






Everything seems even, everything seem fair


Upon your initial inspection.


Not true if you give it a thorough study


Now give that proper reflection.




One side of the stair had a space in it though it looks the same – the rocks covered the sides.






Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Or “only skin deep,” as they say


This hiding place has seen much better times


When you know its story before today.




Merrill Gardens was a beautiful place not long ago.






It’s fairly easy
For one to see


How their journey used to be.


It makes no sense


Here today


But once it was their only way.




The old walkways in the garden are still there though they don’t make any sense.






Think something solid and something not


Between them is where you win a lot.




On one side of the park is a monument shop and the other the Marion water storage.






Water comes in forms


River, creek, pond, lake are four.


Think one + one more.




Nearby is a creek + one more form is the water in the water tower.






To some this isn’t just another place


It’s had special meaning on certain days.


Laughs and tears, songs and hugs.


And probably lots of little bugs.




At one time there were lots of weddings here.






A person’s name marks the spot


Which looks a bit like an empty lot.


A park unlike all those nearby


Here plants are planted in normal times.




Mrs. Merrill’s garden – one of several area parks – was actually her backyard, but people didn’t know that back in the day. She eventually gave the garden to the City.






The place’s name suggests flowers fair


Named for the lady who once lived there.


It isn’t Madison, but it’s square


The prize is hidden in a subtle lair.


Next to water many drink


And use each day in their kitchen sink.


A gazebo where some have tied the knot


Is about all that’s left in this tidy spot.


Move a rock, check inside.


We’re pretty sure your eyes go wide.