June 18 - July 4, 2020
Cedar Rapids


... for curiosity MEDALLION HUNT CLUE #10


The Medallion has been found! Thanks to everyone who participated in this fun event!
Enjoy the Fesitval! This clue is announced just for fun.
So let's take all of these fabulous clues
And put all plus some more together to use.
A park for hillbillies, where biking's a dream
Not the gardens nearby with the same name and a stream.
An idle ballfield, a potty that's porta
Both are nearby and we don't mean just 'sorta'.
Trails around in the trees, and on one there's a ramp
Launching bikers airborne on days it's not damp.
A sandwich of wood sits underneath
In the middle a medallion wrapped in black sheath.
You'd better head south, to find you some heaven. 
Beacause there isn't going to be a clue numbered 11.